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Here is a selection of the types of guides and checklists that you will find on this site. Each guide is "Maintained", this means that our professionally qualified editorial staff (we are FCA, ACCA, CTA, ATT), trawl the tax world on a daily basis. When we find something interesting and new that is not in one of our guides we update them for you.

For directors, employers and employees:

Directors' loan accounts: toolkit
Although HMRC do a version of this, we are told that this is much better and much easier to use (we do lots more like this).

Christmas parties and gifts
Everyone likes this guide because it is easy to read. It shows you "At a glance" and then has Overview, FAQs and links to the small print.

Tax-free benefits and perks
A note with a checklist: "At a glance".

Starting in business

Sole trader or company? Key tax & legal differences
A handy checklist summarising the issues.

Goodwill & incorporation: tax issues
This is a short note considering the tax consequences of overvaluing goodwill and clearance procedures. We have recently added Top Tips and Tax Traps.

Ceasing trading

Insolvency FAQs for directors
Essential if you think that insolvency is on the horizon.

New guides and checklists are added and updated on this database on a daily basis.


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