What is an Agent Service Account? Why do you need one? Troubleshooting, Making Tax Digital for VAT, Making VAT Digital,  Lost user id? FAQS.

In order to file VAT online for your clients using HMRC new Making Tax Digital for VAT, also here shortened to MVD as in Making VAT Digital, tax agents have to set up a new online account with HMRC.

Why do I need an Agent Services Account (ASA)?

Don't I have an Agent Services account already?

Whats the difference between my Agent Services v Agent Services Account (ASA)?

What is the existing Agent Services account for?

The existing Agent Services account is for:

  1. Corporation Tax for Agents: HMRC Online Services
  2. Gambling Tax for Agents: HMRC Online Services
  3. Machine Games Duty for Agents: HMRC Online Services
  4. Notification of Vehicle Arrivals for agents: HMRC Online Services
  5. PAYE for Agents: HMRC Online Services for reporting PAYE and CIS
  6. Self Assessment for Agents: HMRC online services
  7. Submit your Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings return
  8. VAT online services for agents

What is the new Agent Service Account (ASA) used for?

The new Agent Service Account (ASA) is for

  1. Sign up clients who are in Making Tax Digital for VAT
  2. Update your client's details for Making Tax Digital for VAT
  3. Register your client’s estate
  4. Register your client’s trust

What can I see in my ASA?

Not much: it does not show a client list or which services you can use.

When do I use my ASA?

When do I use my old Agent services online?

How to set up ASA

UPDATE: new additonal requirement: HMRC has now deemed that all agents must now undergo anti-money laundering checks when they set up the account

1. You are asked to login using your existing AS login credentials, ignore this: you cannot use your current Government Gateway account to create an agent services account. Step 1 is to therefore make a new Governement Gateway Account and then use this to set up your new ASA.

2. Select your trading style (sole trader, company etc)

3. Enter your UTR and postcode

4. Follow the remaining instructions and note down your new:

5. Once you have created the account

6. Authorising clients for MVD

Problem: Client must be already 'signed up' to to report their VAT returns through software [they must be in the MVD pilot or signed up - do next step before this one if necessary]

7. EXTRA IMPORTANT STEP Sign up clients for MVD [to authorise them]

ASA problems

How to access my ASA?

You set up the account and it tells you that you already have one.

Lost user id

Lost password

Can't authorise client

Error messages(after entering VAT number and date of registration)

 Solution: see step 7 above, you have to ensure clients are signed up to MVD, have the correct software, have enabled their software.

What to do if you have signed up for the pilot?

When can't I sign up?

I've logged into new ASA and there is nothing there

I've logged into my new ASA and it looks just like my existing Agent services online account except that there are no services added, what now?