How do I register for VAT and file my VAT return online?

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How to register with HMRC and file your VAT return online

If you want to register for VAT you can do this online.

Which website?

Go to

Click 'HMRC services: sign in or register' (from the top of the list).

1) New users who already have a Goverment Gateway ID

2) New users who do NOT have a Government Gateway ID

VAT registration

You need to have all your own and your business' details, including Unique Tax Reference numbers.

How to file VAT returns online

Go to

Click 'HMRC services: sign in or register' (from the top of the list): you can use the ID number given and your password which you selected when you registered.

Select 'Services you can use' and access the VAT service.

You are given these options:

Click on the one you need.

Top tip: If a screen says: “To activate Online Services, please visit the Government Gateway “. Ignore this advice, as it just takes you in a loop back to

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