Tax amnesties to date

Opportunities, initiatives, facilities or plans, call them what you will: these are the offers that HMRC has made to taxpayers to come clean and bring their outstanding tax affairs up to date over the last few years.

Note that anyone can come forward on a voluntary basis, in many cases a 10% penalty will apply.

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The Tax Return Initiative

3 July 2012 2 October 2012 0% penalties for higher rate taxpayers

E Market places


14 March 2012

 14 September 2012


Electrician’s Tax Safe Plan

14 February 2012

 14 August 2012


Contractural Disclosure Opportunity 31 January 2012 Ongoing policy All new cases under COP9 (serious fraud) given a 60 day opportunity to come clean and suffer lower penalties

Tax Catch Up Plan for Tutors and Coaches

10 October 2011

Notify by 6 January 2012

Disclose by March 2012

10% of the tax due

No penalty at all for 2008/9 & 2009/10

VAT initiative

5 July 2011

Notify by 30 September

Disclose by December 2011

0% penalty if you should have registered in last 12 months, or

10% on other late registrations

Plumber’s Tax Safe Plan

March 2011

31 Aug 2011

10% of the tax due

No penalty at all for 2008/9 & 2009/10


Medics Tax Health Plan (THP)  

Dec 2009

June 2010

10% penalty on undeclared income

Liechtenstein disclosure opportunity

Sept 2009

March 2015

10% penalty on undeclared income

Offshore Campaign – “New” disclosure Facility (NDO)  

Aug 2009

March 2010

10% penalty on undeclared income, unless should have declared under first opportunity

Offshore Disclosure Facility (ODF) 



10% penalty on undeclared income