Since 6 April 2017 there have been two £1,000 allowances which may be claimed instead of actual expenses for both property income and trading income.

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This is a freeview 'At a glance' guide to the trading and property allowances.

At a glance

There is one allowance for trading or miscellaneous income and one for property income.

Trading allowance

  • The allowance is available for trading or other miscellaneous income.
  • An individual can choose how to allocate the allowance to different sources of trading and miscellaneous income but can only claim one trading allowance and cannot use the allowance to create a loss.

Property allowance

  • Individuals with UK and overseas property income can choose how to allocate the allowance but cannot create a loss.
  • The allowance will not apply to income:
    • On which Rent-a-room relief is given.
    • From a property business carried on by a partnership.
    • Where an individual receives a tax reduction for non-deductible interest.
  • By sole traders as a deduction against their trading income instead of making a claim for tax relief for Working from home.

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