HMRC will commence a further One-to-Many letter campaign this month, targeted at taxpayers who incorporated their property business in 2017-18 and applied Incorporation Relief on the transfer, for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) purposes. 

Affected taxpayers are those who declared a disposal of their property interests in 2017-18, but paid no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due to the application of Incorporation Relief.

The letters state that HMRC believes an excessive amount of Incorporation Relief may have been applied and suggests checking whether the:

  • Capital gain arising on Incorporation was greater than the value of the property business transferred.
  • Amount of any gain held over exceeded the value of shares received in consideration.
  • Calculation of relief included types of consideration other than shares, such as a credit to a Director’s loan account.

If taxpayers identify an error that requires disclosure they are invited to contact HMRC via a specific email address.

Where it is believed that the tax return submitted is correct, taxpayers are advised to confirm this with HMRC by email, providing a calculation of the relief available and details of the consideration received on incorporation.

HMRC states they may seek to raise a Discovery Assessment if they do not have a response within 30 days of the letter.

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HMRC One-to-Many letter

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