Can you make a late claim for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief? Ten appellants joined forces to test the tax rules on making a late claim for Multiple Dwelling Relief (MDR). The FTT found that their late claims were a result of 'making a mistake' with a tax claim and thus they were defeated by the basic rules for Overpayment Relief.

  • In L-L-O Contracting Limited and ten others v HMRC [2023] TC8960, the taxpayers made their land transaction returns and paid SDLT. They subsequently found that they should have claimed Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR)
  • They made late claims for MDR using Overpayment Relief. These were not made in the returns or by way of amendment to the returns.
  • Overpayment relief has a four-year time limit, while the normal time limit for Amending an SDLT return is 12 months.
  • HMRC refused the claims on the basis that they were not required to give effect to the claims made as a result of a mistake in making a claim.
  • HMRC applied to the FTT to strike out the appeals.

The FTT looked at three issues:

  • Issue 1(a): Whether Overpayment relief can be made as a claim in respect of MDR.
  • Issue 1(b): Whether the person who failed to amend his return for MDR has 'overpaid' any SDLT. 
  • Issue 2: Whether HMRC were not liable to give effect to a repayment of SDLT because a failure to make a claim by the statutory Time limit in the form required by the legislation was a 'mistake' in terms of Overpayment relief.

The FTT found that the answer was 'Yes' to Issue 1(a) and Issue 1(b)

In respect of Issue 2, they agreed with HMRC. A failure to claim by the statutory time limit in the form required by the legislation was indeed a 'mistake'.

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