In a rare update to its Employer Travel guide, HMRC have included some new examples of travel expenses with ordinary commuting and hybrid workers following post-pandemic changes to employee working patterns.


  • The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on working arrangements including Travel expenses.
  • Recruitment firms now report that candidates regularly demand flexible or hybrid working arrangements and frequently turn down 100% office work without consideration.
  • Employers have had to react accordingly, but HMRC's guidance is unchanged as far as the deductibility of home-to-work travel is concerned.

A new section with an example in HMRC's Employer Guidance 490 explains the position for someone with a flexible working arrangement. HMRC's position on ordinary commuting has not changed: they have added a new section 3.39 to their guidance on travel expenses.

  • The key factor is the office remains the permanent workplace because the individual has discretion over when they Work from home.
  • They are not contractually obliged to work from home. 
  • Thus any travel from home to work remains a private journey and tax relief is not available for ordinary commuting.

Where previously office-based employers have decided to close their offices permanently there is obviously no office to travel and as such the home may be treated as the permanent workplace.

  • Whilst no tax relief is available for journeys from the home to a place attended for reasons other than work, it is possible to claim relief for the costs incurred on travelling between an employee's home and a temporary workplace.

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